Dayglow has honed his sound so masterfully over the years that we knew, even before hitting play, that this would be a beautiful track. ‘Close To You’ doesn’t stray far from the easy going, nonchalant gentility of previous tracks – ‘Hot Rod’ and ‘Can I Call You Tonight?’ being just a famous few. You can’t help but sit a little straighter after a few seconds of listening, with a sudden desire to dance about a little. The spangly, luminescent notes are exactly what any of needs in these sun-sparse days. For fans of Wallows and Declan McKenna, Dayglow is very much worth a listen if you haven’t happily happened upon his music just yet.

We’ve had the great news of DMA’S‘ live album, Live at Brixton, for a few weeks now, and the anticipation only grows with the release of the live ‘Lay Down’. Already an unquestioned crowd-riler in its own right, the live recording only proves what we already know – that this track, and album, has the power to lift any crowd into a frenzied storm of energy. To be released on March 5th, the album is still available to pre-order, with the option of a limited availability vinyl.

Mahalia‘s track ‘Hide Out’ has been with us for over a year now, but it holds a new resonance when being heard in the early stages of this year. To understate it hugely, the lyrics are inspiring in their independence. “Compromise? Compromise for what?”, asks the sampled voice of Eartha Kitt, and Mahalia’s own lyrics further heighten these self-sufficient themes. The laughter preceding the outstanding quote, “A man comes into my life and I have to compromise?” reminds us that there is no room for self erasure or diminishing in this year. Mahalia and Eartha remind us in this beautiful song that we must remember to love and look after ourselves, even in these difficult months – we are reminded of what a masterpiece the song is, and have had it unalterably on repeat.

One of the most notable new releases comes as ‘Chemtrails Over The Country Club’; a slow, mellow track by the queen of nostalgia, Lana Del Rey. Though she is’t exactly known for upbeat music, this track is one of the most tranquil yet. The unhurried pace, leisurely releasing soft notes and equally gentle lyrics, is perfect for those tired weekend mornings, or occasional work breaks we might find. Lana talks “contemplating God” among her familiar old-money tropes of “diamonds” and “jewels”, with the recurring reference to these “chemtrails”, which – to be honest – we’re not quite sure we understand the meaning of quite yet.

Finally, we can’t ignore the latest from The Vaccines. The spacey, spy-film cut tune is a pleasant surprise from the band previously known for festival anthems and easy-to-shout lyrics. The track reminds us that previous albums have been filled with many neglected stellar tracks that don’t quite make festival set lists – that are beautiful in their quieter nature. ‘No One Knows’, with its ocean and sun imagery, is fit for the same playlists as Lana; it’s one we keep for those mornings and evenings where life is a little more slow-paced.

Eva Liukineviciute

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