Lava La Rue Shines Again With New EP

Lava La Rue has earned themself a reputation as one of West London’s most desirable creatives. From the mellow lo-fi sounds of 2018’s Letra to 2020s hip-hop-infused Stitches and a whole string of successful NINE8 releases, the artist’s discography is a musical patchwork, and their latest release does not disappoint. Butter-Fly is an ethereal interpretation of the singer-songwriters experience of falling in love, penning all five tracks La Rue’s latest EP has a soft and authentic sound that comes straight from their heart.

The EP opens up with ‘Magpie’, which the artist teased in their BBC introducing set last month.  The ethereal love song plays around with poetic ideas of superstition. The dreamy production, courtesy of Courage, sets the tone for the rest of the tracks, soft, welcoming and otherworldly; the artist explores the fickle nature of modern-day romance. Something the artist revisits throughout this musical experience, ‘I fall in love too easily I fall out of love just as fast’.

Teaming up with Deb Never on ‘Angel’, which dropped at the end of 2020, La Rue flirts with lyrical genius. The synth-pop beat, reminiscent of Tame Impala and Unknown Mortal Orchestra who La Rue cites as major influences for their latest project, layers over witty lyrics from both the underground stars. This dream-like atmosphere continues through to ‘Goofy Heart Club’ and straight through to ‘G.O.Y.D’, which sees dream-pop icon Clairo pick up the receiver as Lava’s long-distance lover. This lead single of the EP, with production from Vegyn, sees a perfect blend of smooth raps and delicate vocals.

The EP closes with ‘Lift you up’, a song close to the NINE8 founder’s heart in which they tell the story of their life ‘riches to rags couldn’t keep me down’ touching on their experiences in foster care and sharing them with pride as Karma Kids inspiringly delicate vocals dance over the top. The EP is exactly what we all need in 2021, it shows Lava La Rue’s uniqueness and you really feel them come into their own in this album. As an outsider, they’ve created an enviable brand reputation, fusing cherry-picked references from hip-hop, RnB, Lofi and psych-rock; the Ladbroke Grove native has not just found love, they’ve found themself in their art, and I look forward to seeing them claim their future, ‘this worlds for me it’s my lava town’.

Alice Hingley

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