Greentea Peng Releases New Track ‘Dingaling’

Greentea Peng has long been making waves with her psychedelic, soul-soaked tracks, and ‘Dingaling’ comes as the latest in a beautiful series of releases.

The songstress has previously propelled herself into wider recognition with ‘Downers’; a refreshingly innovative track that plays with tripping notes and a candid examination of society through its lyric. The COLORS performance only helped prove how much raw talent Greentea Peng has just waiting under the surface, with an effortlessly cool delivery of introspective lyrics.

The new track comes as a hint towards what we can expect from her debut album, out June 4th. MAN MADE looks set to include as many conflicting, simultaneously light and dark tracks as this one, following a masterfully-crafted lyrical journey.

‘Dingaling’ makes use of subtle half-rhymes to show us immediately how beautiful the track is to be, and these are followed by an exploration of light and dark through eclipsed imagery of the day and night in confliction. There’s a peace to Greentea Peng’s consciously soft tone, helping lend even more beauty to the non-traditional love song.

With such a reliably strong string of releases from the artist so far, we can’t help but wait for the album with high hopes.

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